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Better Rates than Credit Cards

Offer your customers more ways to pay. Our interest rates are better than credit cards and department store cards - more payment options means more business!

Loans from $500 to $10,000

Give your customers financing that fits any purchase - small or large.

No Hidden Fees

We never charge your customers backdated interest or any other hidden fees.

Up to 5 Year Amortizations

Give your customers the ability to pay off their purchase over a period of up to 5 years.

Loans Are Open

Our loans have no prepayment fees, meaning your customers can always prepay any amount without worrying about incurring a fee.

Receive Instant Online Approvals

Within seconds we are able to provide an online loan approval for the purchase with only some basic information about your customer.


Depending on the credit rating of your customer, your loan application can get instantly approved for funding right at the point of sale.

Earn Commissions!

As a retailer you can earn commissions on the sale of any payment protection plan.

Marketing programs that help you sell more.

Boost sales with financing options that your customers will love. Choose from any of the options below:


Equal Payments

Interest Rate Buy-Down

Our Two Financing Programs

Both of our financing programs are completely free to use.

Standard Program

The default program for all loan applications. All approved customers will receive the same low rate of 12.99% on loans up to $25,000 with amortization periods of up to 5 years.

S Program

With approval rates as high as 80%, this program allows you to say “yes” to customers who, for credit reasons, would not have qualified for our Standard Program.

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